About me // F.A.Q.

About me

Hello, my name is Cat, I'm 26 years old and I am currently living in Macao.

How it all started

My interest in Korean music started in September/October of 2011, when a college friend introduced me to the world of Korean dramas back then.

Out of all the Korean music genres I hear, Indie and Rock are definitely my favorite.



Why do a blog about Korean music?
Because i seriously wanted to talk about it with someone that was in the same country, or at least spoke the same language, believe it or not I haven't found that many people that enjoy the same things I do. And while there are major websites/blogs/web pages in English, there is none in Portuguese.
I am also trying to make Portuguese people know about the bands I post, I feel like they deserve recognition.

How do you choose what bands and singers to talk about?
It depends. If there is an album or a singer that I really like I tend to choose them first. But it has happened that sometimes, I get overwhelmed by the discography of a certain band/singer and then I really have to do it, or I won't get it out of my head.

Do you accept requests?
Yes, I do, it will be amazing if someone would request.

Are the playlists you link, yours?
Yes, usually I try and make a playlist on 8tracks, but if I can't or don't find it necessary, i will link it to other playlists already made on YouTube/Soundcloud.

Do you usually talk to the band/singer?
I try, for real. I call them informal interviews / informal contact. After I write the post, I try to share it and make it know in every possible social platform I can find and then link it to the band/singer. This is not only for promotion, but also so people know that there is recognition of their work out there and in the future consider Portugal as a place of possibility when doing concerts.

Do you work for any public/private institution or are related to the South Korean Embassy?
No, not at all. This is mostly a personal blog.

Would you accept any collaborations or support?
Yes, I would like to have any kind of support, because it's also hard to find the albums sometimes. So any help regarding this matter and others would be more than welcome.

Would you be open to promote the bands, besides writing the blog?

What plans for the future?
I hope this blog gets more love and that a lot of people will be able to access Korean music, with an open mind.

Do you have any form of contact?
Just talk to me on Instagram, FacebookBandcamp or Soundcloud.


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